I.C.O.N. Products

Salon Deluxe is currently the only authorized salon in New Mexico to carry these products.



Our care products are as good for the inside as they are for the outside. Shampoos are sulfate-free, conditioners and treatments are filled with anti-agers, our A.C.E. of vitamins and all are color-safe. Our regimedies combine a shampoo, conditioner and treatment to take hair to a new dimension repairing and preparing it for style.

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Design entails beautiful hair beautifully styled.  Utilizing the smart technology inside our EcoTech formulations I.C.O.N. works to truly give each client a new or consistent identity. Because at the end of the day, identity is what defines style. I.C.O.N’s liquid tools can be cocktailed or used alone to create new dimensions that we call “Liquid Fashion.”

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Imagine… translucence.  Glasses of blonde, gold, orange, red, purple, chocolate and even clear. Imagine… transparency.  Glasses stained in exquisite shades of highly reflective, prismatic color. This is color as imagined by Stained Glass.  Deposit only, pigment dense, peroxide/ammonia free shades. Seal in shine, lock down color. Take your breath away in 13 shades.

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India from I.C.O.N. captures the essence of health and tranquility inside a product line that incorporates ancient practices with the restorative oils of Moringa and Argan.  The women of India use these oils to heal. I.C.O.N. uses them for hair-yurvedic benefits to transform hair from dull & lifeless to silky, manageable and full of shine with an Amber fragrance.

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